13-14th June 2015 – Ashford to New York to Pennsylvania

So after 5 months of planning my trip to North America is finally here. So at 7am we left home and headed to the airport. Philippa and the children came to the airport to say goodbye. The hardest part of the trip I think, after a few tears, I was on my way. Next stop New York. I got to New York with no mishaps and felt pretty fresh coming of the plane. I realised this was just an illusion when I stood watching my bag go round the carousel not realising my bag was on it, the Nuffield logo was not showing confusing me. Then I went to to a cash point and walked off without my bag, luckily I realised after 20 yards. I also realised  I was tired and distracted! After a train ride I met my cousin in Manhattan and went to his flat. Then obviously we had a quiet night and went to bed early! Nope, we went to a pub and crawled in at 1am New York time (6am UK time), 24 hours without sleep! Sunday has been a quiet day of wandering around Manhattan. I had one heart in the mouth moment when picking up my hire car, I couldn’t find my driving licence. Then Alan said I used in a bar the previous evening and I had a terrible thought that it was still there or lost. Not great when I have 4 cars to hire over the next month and thousands of miles to drive. Luckily it was hiding in my wallet and I could breathe again.

I left New York about 5pm and drove here to Pennsylvania. My first experience of driving in the USA was in Manhattan in a left hand drive, on the wrong side of the road with jet lag. I was glad to get here to Allentown. Especially as ten minutes after getting here a thunderstorm started and it is now chucking it down with rain. I am now waiting for my supper to be delivered to my room, very American. Hopefully after a nights sleep I will feel refreshed for my two visits tomorrow. Rodale in the morning and Steve Groff in the afternoon. The weather here is high twenties , humid and thunderstorms predicted all week. I have rain jealousy as the farm was very dry when I left. Off now to eat my supper.

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