Steve Groff, Cover Crop Solutions, Holtswood PA. – 15th June 2015

My second visit of the day was Steve Groff’s farm. Steve is best known as the man who brought Tillage Radish to the cover crop market. I was shown around the farm by Steve and his two cover crop researchers Randy and Dan. Steve has about 700 different research plots on the farm at the moment and works with Dr Ray Weil or University of Maryland and other scientists


The weather had got very hot and sticky so no apologies for the hat!

Steve has been experimenting with inter seeding cover crops into corn using a Dawn interseeder. The idea is that the cover crop is better established before the winter hits.


Above is a picture of where the cover crop was interseeded last week. Only some is currently emerged. The cover crop  mix is their Charlotte mix of radish triticale and Crimson clover, they are also trying other mixes too. The corn rows are 30 inches and then their are two rows of interseeded cover crops 10 inches apart.


They were also doing work on nitrogen payback to try to understand an amount of Nitrogen that is guaranteed to be returned from the cover crops. No easy at all! Dr Ray Weil was also doing deep nitrogen tests to see how far down cover crops scavenge nitrogen and which ones are the best. They seem to get scavenging nitrogen from down as far as 6-7 foot and it seems that oats and radish are the best two for doing this at depth. They though are still waiting for the results.

Steve’s son has the same curiosity as Steve and at the age of 18 is doing his own experiments. Below is pictures of winter wheat on 15 inch rows which he drilled soya beans into the wheat and will harvest the wheat at the beginning of July and the beans later in the year. It is a first time so a steep learning curve.



Finally we saw Steve’s no-till pumpkins, something he was told wasn’t possible. The pumpkins are drilled into a heavy cover crops which keeps the off the ground which leads to easy harvest and better quality. They had only just been planted


It was a great and interesting afternoon even if a bit hot and sticky. Thank you for Steve and his team for showing me around.

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