Jean-Paul Robert and Alexandre Castagne (AgroD’Oc), Peyregoux, France – 9th of November 2015

On Sunday I had an almost uneventful 7.5hr (660km) drive from Benoit’s farm to Toulouse. Almost because for a mile I had car after car flashing their lights at me and I knew not why. I checked my lights, they were off, I was on the right side of the road, I started to think it was because I was English but I was driving a hire car with Spanish number plates. Then I saw why, a wild boar had been hit and was laying in the road. It must of done serious damage to the car it hit and would have ruined my too if it wasn’t for the helpful French drivers!

My visit this afternoon was to Jean-Paul Robert’s farm (chap with the folder)


Jean-Paul farms wheat, maize and Soya on the rolling hills of this area. For years he only grew wheat and maize but the new three crop rule has changed that. Like all farmers meeting it involved food and drink. We started in the kitchen around a table where we introduced ourselves and chatted about our farms. This visit was organised by Sylvain Hypolite of Agro D’Oc ( Unfortunately Sylvain a the last minute could not make it so he sent Alexandre Castagne along. Agro D’Oc is a cooperative that group buys grain, inputs and also provides advice to its 1000 members. They also organise farmer meetings for about 50 groups (CETA) of farmers in their area. They meet about twice a month to share ideas and be nosy just like all farmers. Today happened to be a meeting, I am not sure whether it was already organised or whether it was for my benefit! Hopefully I did not disappoint

We had a look around Jean-Paul’s farm. First we went to a field with a cover crop


This is a phacelia, clover and bean cover crop after wheat. The beans and phacelia are in two rows close to each other which he then plants the maize in between. The clover he spread on the top with Lucerne but only the clover grew. In another field the same he had already had a CC of sorghum which was destroyed before the beans and phacelia were planted, not sure if it was the same here.


You can see the clover growing in the cover above. This clover though was planted two years before.

We then went to see two lots of drill trials on the farm. The first involved wheat into maize stubble comparing his horsch, Aurensan, Sly Boss and a Semeato.


The Semeato did not manage to get one seed into the ground. The Sly put it too deep and the Aurensan was about right but not all seed in the ground. The field above he had spread clover into the previous maize.

Second trial was wheat after Soya


The Aurensan struggled a bit as the soya residue blocked a couple of coulters. Again he had spread clover and Lucerne before in the previous crop


Jean-Paul can irrigate some fields which in some years is the difference between some crop and no crop.


Then we went to look at the machinery. Jean-Paul is very handy with a welder and obviously a talented fabricator. Apparently he spends all the winter in the workshop. The tractor was the only thing that was still factory standard and had not been modified.

Below is his Horsch rotavator that he has modified into a seeder


Below is his current project


Then below is a few more of his creations. I can remember exactly what they all did. One planted the twin row cover crops, one was for fertiliser etc.



It was an interesting afternoon seeing Jean-Paul’s farm and all his homemade equipment. The imagination and inventiveness of farmers never ceases to amaze me. Thank you to both Jean-Paul and Alexandre.

2 thoughts on “Jean-Paul Robert and Alexandre Castagne (AgroD’Oc), Peyregoux, France – 9th of November 2015

  1. victor November 11, 2015 / 12:55 pm

    I think the “Horsch Rotovator” is a Horsch Sem Exact, a very popular machine at the start of min till trend in France in the 80’s.


    • Andy Howard November 11, 2015 / 5:34 pm

      Still popular on this farm. He had Horsch magazines in his toilet so I guess he is a fan!


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