3rd of May – The journey to Issoudun

So this morning I packed my bags and headed towards the Channel Tunnel.


This trip is going to be be my first solo trip on my Nuffield travels and my first blog post for a while since the CSC in Rennes, France which seems a long time ago now. We have been busy on the farm planting all the spring crops, putting on fertiliser, spraying etc. I don’t think it has hardly rained since the CSC in March either, only 20ml. Luckily it was raining as I left home this morning, hopefully it keeps raining until I get back on Wednesday night!

So my day has been spent in a car driving on the wrong side of the road for six hours until I reached my destination. Journey was good, I didn’t crash or go the wrong way around the round about! 400 miles later I am here at the soulless Ibis budget Hotel.

I thought I would write a quick blog post to remind everyone I am still here and to say over the next couple of days I have some really interesting visits coming up and I will be blogging about them. Tomorrow I am seeing Hubert Charpentier who grows crops on a living mulch of Lucerne. Tuesday I am spending the day with Dr Joelle Fustec in Angers and then on Wednesday I am with Frederic Thomas’s farm before heading home.

Until tomorrow!


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